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The Science of Smartphone Addiction

Omreader was built to help people leave their smartphones behind. Here's the science behind smartphone addiction.


The average person checks their phone 60 times a day with some checking their phone every 5 minutes.1


When your phone is turned off your visual working memory increases by up to 62%. This aids you in reading comprehension and analytical thinking.1


Eliminating phone use while in bed leads to a 44% reduction in the factors that prevent you from getting a good night sleep.2


74% of people sleep with their phone near their bed.3


52% of people say they have tried to cut back on their smartphone usage.3

Omreader can help.

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Happy Readers

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I'm so glad I found Omreader! I feel so energized being able to wake up and get caught up on industry news without getting sucked into my phone.

Emily Starns - CEO

I usually don't get a lot of time to just sit and read. Being able to just disconnect from all these devices and read the blogs I like is so refreshing.

Jacob Katz - Sr. Engineering Manager

My job involves a lot of reading. Being able to read all of this material on my Kindle instead of on my computer is a complete gamechanger for me. I'm significantly more productive with this service.

Robert Kirkpatrick - Sr. Financial Analyst

Frequently Asked Questions

Omreader works with all e-reader Kindles. Omreader also works with Kindle Fire, Android, and iOS devices through the Kindle App, however the experience isn't as great as it is on an e-reader Kindle.
Almost certainly! The best way to check is to sign up for a free account and verify it for yourself. Essentially any web site that has an RSS feed is compatible with Omreader and almost every website has an RSS feed. You can also contact us for support.
The Kindle has had support for a newspaper format since the very first Kindle. We are the first team outside of Amazon to be able to create high quality newspapers for the Kindle.
Every Kindle device has an email address (e.g. Once you whitelist our email address we are able to send these newspapers to your kindle via email. Newspapers that we send to you appear on your device almost instantly. Don't worry, getting this set up only takes about 20 seconds and we'll show you how.

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